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    Face Massager Gold

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    3D Waterproof Roller with 360 degrees rotate design adept the whole body skin. Can be used with cosmetics for massage, promote better absorbtion for products of skin care.

    1. Metal microwave action skin, promote skin blood circulation, improve facial wrinkles. Fade spots and restore skin gloss. 2.7500 vibration, effectively release the gold negative ion effect, promote the facial vitality. 3. Waterproof, easy to clean. Compact and portable, you can carry it everywhere, use it anytime. You can even use in shower. 4. Help to tighten your face, arm, leg, waist, etc. Applicable to the people suffer from fat face, flabby cheeks, edema, muscle sagging, dull skin, butterfly arms, stout legs and so on. 5. Simulate massage master complex kneading technique, let you enjoy SPA massage comfortable experience.

    Method of use:

    1.After taking out the golden massage stick, wipe the area of the v-shaped roller with a wet soft cloth, then turn the switch to turn on the massage stick. 2.After cleansing, place the v-shaped part on the face and massage it. Do not stay in the same place for 3 seconds. 3.Areas with fine lines can be pushed back and forth, but be careful to use them.



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